The NEAT ID Foundation, in partnership with the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS), has developed another simple Data “Dashboard” to monitor the progress of the Monkeypox Virus in people living with HIV across Europe and the world and invite you to contribute to this initiative.  


This Dashboard will show by Country and Region level the number of cases reported to NEAT ID with Monkeypox virus co-infection with HIV, the number of hospitalisations and any reported deaths. The data will be available for public viewing via and as a summary to you on the Dashboard. Your individual clinic data will only be seen by the submitting site and will be password and security protected.  

The public are of the dashboard is now open to view by clicking link below.



The Database will be “real-time” and we ask your initial input to be recorded for the months of April, May and June 2022 and then to input retrospectively on a weekly basis. We appreciate that time is precious and have developed an incredibly simple input process. To take part please follow the link below

If you have already registered you can now upload Your data by using the Enter Data button –  

(you will still need your login and password). 


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NEAT ID's mission is to perform and coordinate Clinical Research on HIV/AIDS and associated Infectious Diseases at European and International levels. 




  • Develop new strategies and approaches to the treatment of HIV and associated Infectious Diseases

  • Promote networking of trans-national research, from proof of principle to phase III – IV clinical trials

  • Integrate leading HIV/AIDS Research Institutions and Clinical Centres through a coherent, multi-disciplinary and durable research programme

  • Optimise resources and infrastructures, disseminate technology and spread expertise and resources

  • Provide training and mobility of scientists and foster lasting collaborations in Europe and Internationally