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Professor Christine Katlama MD

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NEAT ID Committee Membership: 

Clinical Trials Committee

Research Studies Committee

Professor of Infectious Diseases at Sorbonne University in Paris, France. She is head of

the AIDS clinical care unit and co‐director of HIV clinical research at the iPLESP (Pierre 

Louis Institute of Public Health and Epidemiology) ‐ INSERM U943 research unit.

Professor Katlama since 1982, she was involved in the HIV‐2 discovery in 1986. Her group first demonstrated the impact of HAART on immune reconstitution and works extensively in the field of new drugs, viral resistance, novel antiretroviral strategies and HIV cure. In 2001, she founded ORVACS, an international network for research in immune strategies including HIV cure.

In 2003, she founded SOLTHIS, a non‐governmental organisation which supports access to HIV care in Africa. In 2009, as a founding member of AFRAVIH (Francophone alliance of healthcare stakeholders against HIV and chronic viral infections) and as President, has organised the International Francophone Conferences with the upcoming meeting in Dakar in April 2020.  Under her stewardship, AFRAVIH also initiated the first Mediterranean conference (AFRAMED), the clinical research course in Grand Bassam.

Professor Katlama is also past President and board member of the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS), member of the guidelines committee and currently in charge of the EACS summer course.

She is co-founder and member of the NEAT ID Foundation board . 

She has published over 700 articles on HIV clinical science.

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